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Uber is not a Cashless app anymore

Uber rying cash payments in Hyderabad

Uber is a completely cashless app, according to them, this is a big part of the reason riders love them and why they have been able to grow so quickly. San Francisco-based Uber has grown rapidly in value to be worth around $40 billion (26 billion pounds). But in India it has lagged local rival Ola, which has about 80 percent of the organized cab market. Even after government’s encouragement to use the credit card, the number of credit card users in India has increased up to 20 million only, while the population of the country is 1.3 billion, which is huge. The trend of Indian market is different, therefore Ola, other cab services and even e-commerce giant Amazon provide the option of paying in cash.

Now what was originally the violation of company’s policy, has become the next big revolutionary step of their service. Cash payments are now possible in Hyderabad India. “Tradition dictates that cash plays a big role for Indian consumers,” said Siddharth Shanker, Uber’s general manager in Hyderabad.

How does Uber Cash Payment Work
Uber testing Cash Payments in Hyberabad/ Image Source: Uber Blog

Hyderabad was the only city specifically selected for this experiment because it provides us with the right environment to test a new payment option amongst a sizable and sophisticated rider and driver community.” Uber said in a blog post.

The Uber system allows riders to request drivers at any time, in any city where Uber has launched. Drivers are able to go online at any time as well and have full flexibility to choose when and where they receive business. They have been quite successful in their business so far in different countries, but in India they have still got a long way ahead, if they want to own the cab service market.

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