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PizzaTainment: Pizza + Movie = Pizza Hut

PizzaTainment-Convertible Pizza box by Pizza Hut

How about getting your favorite pizza in a movie projector? Or how about getting a movie projector with a Pizza? Or making your pizza time, a movie time? Well, in Hong Kong, Pizza Hut is delivering Pizzas in customized boxes which can be converted into movie projectors, thus not only providing your favorite pizza but also making it an entertaining night for the Pizza Lovers.

The Projector convertible pizza boxes are designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong and justified the marketing tricks. The Pizza protector holds a plastic lens at its top which can easily be separated out. The boxes have a punched hole in the side of the boxes which aid the projector’s lens. Now the bottom of pizza protector is used to support your smart phone inside the pizza box. This gadget is now ready to throw your phone’s image on the wall.

Pizza hut has gone for four types of customized pseudo movie projector boxes coming with individual movie download through a QR code. The four types of the boxes are as follows: Slice Night- A choice of horror admirers, Anchovy Armageddon- best for Science fiction lovers, Hot & Ready- A perfect combo for Romance and Love story dreamers, last but not the least is Fully Loaded- A selection for action and thrill.

For, using this Pizza projector, You definitely need a much darker room in order to get an image out on your wall form this newly made projector, still the quality of the image and audio will be compromised. May be all your smartphone would become tacky and greasy as you will going to put that on the pizza protector inside the pizza box. Nevertheless, this all is not going to ruin the Pizzatainment for pizza lovers. Pizza Hut must branched out this marketing trick in other parts of the world as Pizza and Movie lovers not only belong to Hong Kong thus giving a chance of enjoying this Pizza-Movie mania and making every pizza night a movie night. Check out the video below.

Ogilvy & Mather HK – Blockbuster Pizza Box from Work that works on Vimeo.

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