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Video And GIFs Seamless Autoplaying By Twitter

Video And GIFs Seamless Autoplaying by Twitter

Twitter has now made an announcement that Video And GIFs seamless autoplaying has now been introduced to its official timelines. It is available in both iOS and also on the web. Auto-playing video and animated GIFs will also be featured in the Android app soon. With the help of this feature, you can see native video, vines and GIFs and they will begin to play back just automatically. The minute you tap the video, the sound will turn on and the video will continue to play!

The feature has been in testing mode in previous days but now its service can be used across all over the world. Twitter has now given this chance to its users to boost their advertising and promotional value through the platform.

Autoplay videos on Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

This introduction of new standard of viewability, Twitter’s President of Global Revenue Adam Bain said that the users and advertisers will only be charged when a video will be 100 percent in view. Charging will only be made by the advertisers when any of the will be viewed for at least 3 seconds, provided. Now, there is a chance that Twitter video can be marked among the best online video advertising viewing.

The option is also available to autoplay and mute the video; you will also be given the option to only autoplay the video over Wi-Fi. Though Facebook’s introduction of this same concept did not create that screaming but we think Twitter will manage to create some excitement among its users.

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