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Facebook News Feed Gets New Controls

Updated Controls for News Feed

News Feed is the personalized stream of stories that can let you to connect with people and Pages on Facebook. The primary goal of News Feed is to show stories which are of prime importance to you. Facebook News Feed now will be giving you the options to make use of ranking. You can now order your news feed stories on the basis of how much interesting they are to you. An elevated rank can be given to those People or Pages, which matter to you the most, and with whom you want to interact with. You can give higher ranking to those news feed stories whose content is liked by you and you want to engage with! In this way, improvement and personalization will be made in the News Feed to create a better experience. Last year, Facebook announced some of the new ways to control what you see in News Feed, but today they have announced these much better tools only for you. It will actively shape the experience you have on Facebook giving you more control.

You Can Now Pick which friends and Pages to see first in your News Feed

If you want to prioritize some stories, and you don’t want to miss up any post from your friends and Pages, then what you can do is to select which of friends and Pages you would like to see right at the top of your News Feed. Right within News Feed Preferences, you have to tap on a friend’s profile picture so that you can see their posts first. A star right in the top right of their post will be shown to signify you want to see their posts first.

Newsfeed preferences discover pages
Newsfeed preferences discover pages/ Image Source: Facebook

You Can Find new Pages to connect to

If you want to find new Pages so that you can connect with more publishers, artists then on the basis of the types of Pages which have been liked by you in the past, you can discover new Pages with the help of these News Feed Preferences.

You Can Select which friends and Pages You Want to follow or un-follow

With the help of this modernized design, you can notice a list of all top people, Pages who have been seen in your News Feed over the past weeks, You can opt to un-follow any of your friend, Page if you do not want to see their updates at all. You can also see who you have unfollowed, re-followed in the past!

Just tap in the bottom right hand corner site of your mobile app. These News Feed Preferences have been located under Settings. Just update your choices at any time you want. This new feature is now available on iOS. It will be launched on Android and desktop in the coming weeks.

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