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E-Laughter: The Comparison between Haha, Hehe, and LoL

Haha, Hehe and LOL

While going through Sarah Larson‘s article about all the hehehes vs hahahas, it makes us curious that is this e-laughter language really on the way of evolution? She made all these calculations of laugher varying by age and gender by consulting all of her savvy friends.

For further research into this e-laughter field, three folks tried to identify all these hehe, lolz, haha by using the already present data; using the comment on de-identified posts in the last week of May, matching the string of laughter with regular expressions helpful in identifying various e-laughter.

As you are fully aware of the most common e-laughter language, 15% people posted or commented with this common language. Not to surprise, haha is the most common of all diverse e-laughters, followed by emoji and hehe. Further interesting, geographic locations, age and gender add variation to the laugher you prefer. Young people women prefer emoji, whereas men prefer long hehehes. Seattle and San Francisco inhabitants go for hahaha while people in Chicago and New York prefer emoji.

Pie chart for e-laughter
Pie chart for e-laughter/ Image Source: Facebook

Going deep further, the rough plot showed that 46% people used laugh oriented post once during a week; 85% opted for fewer than 5 laughs; 52% of people used single type of laugh; 20% opted for 2 type of laughs….

Obvious from the calculations, most people go for one kind of laugh, they were further categorized into four set; haha, hehe, lol, emoji. The vast majority of people in our dataset are haha-ers (51.4%), then there are the emoji lovers (33.7%), the hehe-ers (12.7%), and finally, the lol-ers (1.9%).

Now the question arises whether haha is most common among younger generation? A rough calculation denied this by saying emoji to be more likely used by younger people as compared to haha.

According to Ms. Larson, the mount of ha depicts the different levels of laughter, ranging from polite to deranged one. The most common is four letter haha or hehe; followed by six letter hahaha and hehehe. Hahahhaers are more length oriented and more open than hehehers to use odd number of letters. Now why should lol lag behind; it stands by itself with some traces of lolz and loll were found too. And last but not the least, a single emoji is used 50% of the time.

Geographic understanding of e-laughter
Geographic understanding of e-laughter/ Image Source: Facebook

And to add more interest, a 600 words long haha might be difficult to paraphrase as if we were actually laughing? Computers can’t easily understand this long string as we have kept it away from so called civilized part of us human beings.

Now men often found with the string of hehe’s, it is reality check that men prefer to go for haha and then hehe to some extent; emoji favored by women along with lol too.

And categorizing the laughter behavior with the regional variations, show that haha and hehe are more popular on the west coast, emoji are the weapon of choice in the Midwest, and southern states are fond of lol.  This data was categorized by considering the following geo-locations: New York, San Francisco, Boston, Phoenix, Chicago and Seattle.

After all these hahaha and hehehe conversation, our emoji and lol is lost somewhere. May be after 10 such more researches, the type of laughter may become the status quo or may be spying agencies identify the region you belong to, depending on the diversity and extremity of laughter….

Who knows?


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