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Google’s Project Ara Recalculating the Modular Smartphone

Project Ara to improve the modular smartphone

Were you excited about the Modular Smartphone by Google called Project Ara? Google said in January they would launch their market pilot in Puerto Rico in 2015. But in a few recent tweets, it seems they are working on improving the modular phone and changing their geo-location.

The ideology  is to create a modular hardware ecosystem, basically allowing users to create a modular smartphone tailored to their functional and aesthetic preferences. Project Ara will be based on Android, as it is still under development; it would be interesting to see how things go. The team also posted that the project is not going anywhere, they are just re-calculating things.

Following those tweets, they showed their new logo as a tweet which is in the image below.  Let us see what beholds the future of this amazing development effort to build a modular smartphone.

Project Ara new logo
Project Ara new logo/ Image Source: Twitter
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