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YouTube helps Moms Generate more Ideas

YouTube helps Moms Generate more Ideas

With the advancement in technologies, the present moms are in the search of answers to various quests of daily routine. And so most of them has turn towards the YouTube to make their daily tasks easier. To get a better insight on how YouTube is making moms’ life easier, a survey was conducted by Think…

E-Laughter: The Comparison between Haha, Hehe, and LoL

Haha, Hehe and LOL

While going through Sarah Larson‘s article about all the hehehes vs hahahas, it makes us curious that is this e-laughter language really on the way of evolution? She made all these calculations of laugher varying by age and gender by consulting all of her savvy friends. For further research into this e-laughter field, three folks…

5 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch in 2015

5 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch in 2015

Google recently shared the 5 holiday shopping trends for this year drafted from Google Data and Research of 2014. This year has been the most connected holiday shopping season. There is an increase in online research and purchase. 78% of the holiday research was done online, 29% relied on friends and/or colleagues and about 40%…

PizzaTainment: Pizza + Movie = Pizza Hut

PizzaTainment-Convertible Pizza box by Pizza Hut

How about getting your favorite pizza in a movie projector? Or how about getting a movie projector with a Pizza? Or making your pizza time, a movie time? Well, in Hong Kong, Pizza Hut is delivering Pizzas in customized boxes which can be converted into movie projectors, thus not only providing your favorite pizza but…

How to make a Lava Steak

DIY-How to make a Lava Steak photo

We all know Lava is hot! but did you know you can use Lava to make your own lava steak given you have access to Lava. The video by┬áRobet Wysocki shows how can a steak be made using lava, though the chefs are making use of protection as well which is highly recommended if you…

A GTA 5 Fast and Furious tribute to the late Paul Walker

A GTA 5 Fast and Furious tribute to the late Paul Walker

A video made in the famous game GTA V which pays a tribute to the late Paul Walker. The video was made by recreating scenes from Furious 7 with some flashbacks to some Six Star Street Racers moments. Paul Walker was a great actor and a very important member of the Fast 7 family. “If…

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