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Danit Peleg Creates First 3D Printed Collection Using Home Printers

The first 3D Printed Collection by Danit Peleg

Danit Pleg started working on her graduate 3D printed collection for her Fashion Design degree at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in September 2014. It took her 9 months of research and development, almost 2000 hours of printing, which means about 400 hours per outfit. The ideology behind this is was to see if an entire…

HMC Boudicca – a decoration piece for the drawing room

Codename Colossus- The toy for the rich

Who knew that a toy can mean something more than just a toy? Well, meet HMC Boudicca, a multistory walking tank from an alternate history WWI, which is 3D printed, hand assembled, 20 inch tall piece of beauty and is going to cost you only $5000, which makes it a decoration piece for the drawing…

The Palette- pushing boundaries in 3D printers

The Palette- 3D Printing Evolved

In the last few years there have been a wave of great low cost 3D printers that are easy, affordable and accessible. But they are limited to only being able to print in one color or material. The Mosaic Manufacturing took interest in how can they take it to the next level? How can they…

Innovation in 3d Printing by Disney Allows To Print Out of Fabric Instead of Hard Plastic

Innovation in 3d Printing

A lot of work is being on 3d printing, from printing jewelry, to printing house structures and essentially allowing 3d printing to help in a lot of things. At the Disney Research where Science is at play, innovation in 3d printing is being done to allow users to print using fabric. The technique is going…

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