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Document Uncensored Stories of Your Life using Spindle

Spindle App wants you to stop pretending our lives are perfect

Sometimes on social media we tend to post things which show our lives are perfect even though there might be some things might not fine. Spindle is a social journaling app for iPhone users that wants user to create content for themselves rather than developing it for the community. The application lets user takes pictures,…

Sous-Chef app at Hackathon, find new recipes and cook with Cortana

Sous Chef app built at Hackathon

Sous-Chef app at Hackathon will help you to organize recipes, find new ones and also cook with Cortana. What is the hackathon? It is an event in which computer programmers in software development and hardware development collaborate intensively on all kinds of software projects to bring interesting ideas to life. Jane Koh’s mother loved to…

WhatsApp – Now Serving 800 Million Active Users

WhatsApp Messenger Serving 800 Million Active Users

According to Jan Koum, the founder of Whatsapp, There are 800 Million active users and Active users is not the same as registered users. Will they be able to hit 1 Billion Active users by the end of 2015? WhatsApp – now serving 800,000,000 monthly active users. Reminder for the press out there: active and…

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