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LG Watch Urbane Luxe Limited Edition is being sold at $1,200

LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a Limited Edition 23k Gold Heavy Plate and Alligator being sold at $1,200

Want to enjoy Android technology in a gold plated watch? LG has added a new gadget to their appliance store with the name of LG Watch Urbane Luxe in collaboration with REEDS Jewelers. So this makes LG prominent for presenting World’s first luxury Android smartwatch. Being crafted with 23k heavy gold plate with a handmade Alligator…

Google’s Project Ara Recalculating the Modular Smartphone

Project Ara to improve the modular smartphone

Were you excited about the Modular Smartphone by Google called Project Ara? Google said in January they would launch their market pilot in Puerto Rico in 2015. But in a few recent tweets, it seems they are working on improving the modular phone and changing their geo-location. Market pilot re-route. Stay tuned for more details….

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Device Available at Google store

NVIDIA SHIELD launches on Google Store

NVIDIA announced recently that the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device is now available on Google store. The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV allows you to enjoy blockbuster movies, great TV shows, music you like, and amazing games in 4K and directly from your living room. You can buy the SHIELD from the Google Store. The NVIDIA SHIELD comes…

Nebia Showerhead Raised over 3.12 Million USD on KickStarter

Nebia showerhead installed in bathroom

Nebia, an eco-friendly shower system with the aim to reduce waste has been backed by Tim Cook, and Eric Schmidt. The idea of the Nebia showerhead is to save 70% water with an iconic design and a superior experience. Nebia comes with an adjustable bracket and a portable wand that showed you with water. Nebia…

Lexus Hoverboard: the non-fictional flying carpet

Lexus Hoverboard

Back in the June, Lexus released a teaser showing a thing like skate board called SLIDE floating above the ground. “Lexus has created a real, ride-able hoverboard“. Lexus has finally released a 2 minute video of the hoverboard, but this time with skaters riding it in a hoverpark specifically designed for it by Lexus. Working on the…

The SOCCKET II, an energy-harnessing soccer ball!


The dream of the two, Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman, turned a classroom project of their junior year at Harvard University into a sustainable, realistic solution for happiness. With the aim to combine fun with productivity, Uncharted Play introduced two amazing products, namely, SOCCKET and PULSE. The SOCCKET is a portable energy-harnessing soccer ball….

Get your standard version of Remix Mini-Android PC for $30 only

Remix Mini-Android PC

Android is one of the most popular Operating system used on smartphones and tablets. Its versatility is allowing it to be utilized for PCs and in embedded systems. Jide Tech have created an android based PC, called as “Remix Mini”. This project received a warm response on Kickstarter, with the funding exceeding its goal of…

HMC Boudicca – a decoration piece for the drawing room

Codename Colossus- The toy for the rich

Who knew that a toy can mean something more than just a toy? Well, meet HMC Boudicca, a multistory walking tank from an alternate history WWI, which is 3D printed, hand assembled, 20 inch tall piece of beauty and is going to cost you only $5000, which makes it a decoration piece for the drawing…

Deus Ex Aria- The Gesture Based Smart Controller

Deus Ex Aria

Deus Ex Aria will let you to control your devices and gadgets with simple finger movements. The CEO of Pebble said that Aria will be one of the most exciting smart strap projects that has been launched so far! If you want to reach a new level of interaction, then Deus Ex Aria would be…

Martin Jetpack: A rich man’s toy or a hero’s armor!

Martin Jetpack- World's first practical jetpack

Glenn Martin’s dreamt of designing the world’s first ever practical jetpack, worked day and night under difficult circumstances in his garage. After 35 years of hard work and commitment, the Jetpack is finally ready to be commercialized. The consumer version of Jetpack will be available in the local markets in the second half of 2016…

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