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InVision Acquires Silver Flows to Bring Prototyping into Sketch

InVision Acquires Silver Flows

InVision, a prototyping suite has acquired Silver Flows, which is a tool allowing developers prototype directly inside of Sketch. Silver Flows is still in the private beta, which allows you to build light weight mobile prototypes directly in Sketch. The tool will soon be a part of the InVision’s suite of design plugins, Craft.  After…

SimilarWeb Acquires Mobile App Intelligence Company Quettra

SimilarWeb Acquires Mobile App Intelligence Company Quettra

Quettra, a mobile app intelligence which focuses on direct measurements for app developers has been acquired by SimilarWeb. Quettra was founded by former head of Search and Discovery for Google Play, Ankit Jain in 2013. Quettra team has members who bring in their experience from leading companies like Google, eBay, and Microsoft to redefine the…

Fly Labs to Join Google Photos Team After Being Acquired by Google

Fly Labs Acquired by Google

Google recently announced the acquisition of Fly Labs. Fly Labs is famous for their easy user-oriented method of making more use of their valuable moments captured by photos and videos. They have created video creating apps to gather all the memories of users in a compact format. In the last 18 months, their video editing…

SanDisk Acquired By Western Digital For $19 Billion

Western Digitial Acquires SanDisk

Western Digital recently announced the acquisition of SanDisk for a worth of $19 Billion.  Western Digital will be acquiring all of the outstanding shares of SanDisk for a combination of cash and stock. The board of directors of the two companies have approved this acquisition. In the press release, Western Digital wrote “The combination is…

Social Recommendation App, Frilp Acquired by Freshdesk

Frilp Acquired by Freshdesk

Frilp recently announced that it has been acquired by Freshdesk. Frilp is a social recommendation app that wants to create seamless, contextual conversations for rapid decision making.  The terms of this acquisition were not announced. The quickest way to access the local knowledge of your friends and our experts, Frilp is always at your service….

Plexi, the Design Tool Acquired by Marvel

Marvel acquires Plexi

Plexi has joined Marvel and will be helping them to design tools in a new way. Plexi was started two years ago because the founders weren’t satisfied with design workflow as design tools were disjointed and couldn’t keep up to customer’s demand. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Marvel is the easiest way to…

Apple Acquires Image-Recognition Startup Perceptio

Apple Acquires Perceptio

Apple with its continuing technological progress has acquired Perceptio, a startup technology letting the companies to use artificial intelligent systems without a need to share as much user data. Nicholas Pinto and Zak Stone, both AI researchers and founding members of the company are experienced in image developing image–sensing using deep learning; an approach to…

Microsoft Acquires leading provider of 3D physics, Havok from Intel

Havok acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced they have acquired the leading provider of 3D physics, Havok from Intel. The terms of the deal were not revealed. Havok would be a good addition to the current tools and platform components Microsoft has for developers, including Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, and DirectX 12. Microsoft intends to deliver great experiences for…

Opera Acquires Bemobi to Expand in App Discovery and Monetization

Opera Acquires Bemobi

Opera recently buzzed the newsfeed with the announcement of acquiring Bemobi, a Latin American subscription-based mobile-app-discovery service, for discovering and monetization services in the field of Android Apps. Bemobi is a leader in Latin America, responsible for governing the distribution and monetization of mobile apps through a subscription service. It is famous source of providing some…

Fliptop Acquired By LinkedIn To Accelerate its Sales Solutions Efforts 

LinkedIn Acquires FlipTop

Fliptop, a leading predictive sales and marketing firm has been acquired by LinkedIn to enhance its own Sales Solutions offering. Fliptop has been helping brands to improve their effectiveness of their sales programs since 2009. Doug Camplejohn, CEO of Fliptop wrote on their website “We will continue to support our customers with existing contracts for some…

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