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Tumblr App Updated to Include 3D Touch and Live Photos

Tumblr 5.0 iOS App includes Live Photos

Tumblr is a home to 267.7 Million blogs and growing recently launched an amazing update for their app.  In this update, Tumblr becomes one of the first apps to support iPhone 6S live photos. In addition to that, Tumblr also launched the 3D touch, where you can press the app icon and you get the…

Document Uncensored Stories of Your Life using Spindle

Spindle App wants you to stop pretending our lives are perfect

Sometimes on social media we tend to post things which show our lives are perfect even though there might be some things might not fine. Spindle is a social journaling app for iPhone users that wants user to create content for themselves rather than developing it for the community. The application lets user takes pictures,…

Aquarius E5: the first Ubuntu based smartphone by BQ

Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition -The first Ubuntu based smartphone by BQ

Many of the geeks who enjoy the freedom of Ubuntu would be pleased to know that Ubuntu phones have become a reality now. Aquarius E5 is the first Ubuntu based smartphone produced by the Spanish smartphone company BQ. The shipping of the phone has started and now the Linux fans (other than European and Chinese)…

Home Team App to Let You Search for Local Service Providers on the Exclusive Windows Phone App

Home Team App to Let You Search for Local Service Providers

If you are looking for a supplier who can easily set up custom kitchen cabinets, then your wait is over. Microsoft Corporation has launched a new app called Home Team App which is a Windows Phone service offered by Microsoft Garage. Using this app you can find local service providers based on reviews from friends and…

Google’s Project Ara Recalculating the Modular Smartphone

Project Ara to improve the modular smartphone

Were you excited about the Modular Smartphone by Google called Project Ara? Google said in January they would launch their market pilot in Puerto Rico in 2015. But in a few recent tweets, it seems they are working on improving the modular phone and changing their geo-location. Market pilot re-route. Stay tuned for more details….

iPhone 6s Might be Launching on 9th September 2015

iPhone 6s might be launching on 9th September 2015

According to a post on Buzzfeed, Apple is set to announce its official annual mega event sooner which state the event is planned to be in the second week of September. Just like the past events of Apple, this event will focus on upcoming technologies of iPhone. Stating in his views, John Paczkowski, said “Apple executives…

Sous-Chef app at Hackathon, find new recipes and cook with Cortana

Sous Chef app built at Hackathon

Sous-Chef app at Hackathon will help you to organize recipes, find new ones and also cook with Cortana. What is the hackathon? It is an event in which computer programmers in software development and hardware development collaborate intensively on all kinds of software projects to bring interesting ideas to life. Jane Koh’s mother loved to…

Apple Pay is Now Available in UK

Apple Pay now available in UK

You forgot to pick up your Wallet, don’t panic. You can now pay your bill using your iPhone or just your Apple watch. Apple pay is one of the most innovative and efficient way of payment. It has been available in US since last October. No news about its arrival in other countries was heard…

LG G4 Beat- Mid Range Version of G4 Smartphone

LG G4 Beat-A smartphone in the mid tier price range with superior features

LG has now announced the G4 Beat which is a mid range version of G4 Smartphone.  It has advanced display, camera features along with an outstanding design that comes together to give you this exceptional phone. The reason to announce this mid range version is to attract different segments of the global smartphone market. The…

Major update to the SoundCloud iOS app

SoundCloud iOS app Updated

SoundCloud has announced a major update to the iOS app. It brings new features for you. It arrives with latest functionality for you to have on-the-go listening experience. These new features will let you to discover your favorite tracks flawlessly. With the help of Play related tracks, you can find a track you love. You can…

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