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The new Hero of Gotham city: Batkid

Batkid begins Documentary trailer

On 15th November 2013, 25,000 people get to San Francisco and over two billion people join in online. The emotion that was witnessed was amazing, which was to fulfill the wish of 5-year-old Miles Scott who is recovering from Leukemia. His dream was to become Batkid and save Gotham City. The documentary movie Batkid Begins…

The All New Minions Trailer released: Finding the Villian

Minions New Trailer

Minions, who have a story going back to the dawn of time. They are single-celled yellow organisms, the Minions having evolved through the ages looking and serving the most despicable evil masters of the time. It is 1960s in New York (42 B.G.: 42 Years Before Gru) and Minions went to the Villain Con looking…

A GTA 5 Fast and Furious tribute to the late Paul Walker

A GTA 5 Fast and Furious tribute to the late Paul Walker

A video made in the famous game GTA V which pays a tribute to the late Paul Walker. The video was made by recreating scenes from Furious 7 with some flashbacks to some Six Star Street Racers moments. Paul Walker was a great actor and a very important member of the Fast 7 family. “If…

Must Watch Movie trailers: Batman vs Superman, Fantastic Four and more

Must watch Movie Trailers April 2015

We have compiled a list of a few of the very interesting must watch movie trailers released this week for you to see. Enjoy these over the nice Sunday.  Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Coming in 2016, Batman Vs Superman has a very interesting trailer, the first look at the DC’s superhero film is…

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