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Instagram Will Personalize Your Feed

Instagram announced “will soon be ordered to show the moments they believe you will care about the most”. Instagram used to organize the feeds in reverse-chronological orders (i.e. they appeared in your feed when they were shared). Instagram says they are doing this to improve user experience and they are doing this because users might be…

LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Manage Settings

LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Manage Settings

In a recent blog post, LinkedIn announced they have made it easier to manage settings for users. LinkedIn wants to give users the clarity and control to the LinkedIn users. The “Privacy & Settings” has been streamlined which will allow users to manage their LinkedIn account easily. Nothing was removed in the process of making it…

Tumblr App Updated to Include 3D Touch and Live Photos

Tumblr 5.0 iOS App includes Live Photos

Tumblr is a home to 267.7 Million blogs and growing recently launched an amazing update for their app.  In this update, Tumblr becomes one of the first apps to support iPhone 6S live photos. In addition to that, Tumblr also launched the 3D touch, where you can press the app icon and you get the…

Facebook Announces News Tools for Managing Communication on Pages

Facebook launches better tools for Page Management

  Facebook recently has introduced new tools for the communication of your Facebook page. Currently, there are over 50 million active business pages and a lot of them use their Page to communicate with their customers. Almost 2.5 comments are left on Pages every month. The new features will make it easier to manage both…

Portrait and Landscape Format Now Supported by Instagram

Potrait and Landscape Format Now Supported by Instagram

Have you ever thought of sharing pictures and videos in both landscape or portrait form??? Instagram has officially announced  that photos and videos can be shared in both portrait and landscape format. However, the square format will always be a part of their formats. The blog made it clear by stating, “That said, the visual…

Facebook Updates Notes After a Long Wait

Facebook Notes Updated

Facebook Notes is a way to manage your bigger posts sharing with friends or everyone. In order to make them look more customizable and manageable, Facebook announced to update it to a better version which will makes notes look beautiful and customizable after a long wait. The new feature includes adding cover photo to your…

LinkedIn Publishing Going All Global with Localized Languages

LinkedIn Introduces Localized Languages for Writers

LinkedIn is working towards expanding their publishing by allowing localized language publishing. Professionals are using LinkedIn to give their opinions from topics like salary negotiations, leadership skills, and much more. Recently LinkedIn shared they have crossed 1 Million Writers who have written over 3 Million posts. LinkedIn announced, it will allow members to post in…

Sean Rad is Back As CEO At Tinder

Sean Rad is Back As CEO At Tinder

According to the Kara Swisher at Re/code, Tinder is undergoing a leadership change. Chris Payne has been removed from the position of CEO. Sean Rad, one of the Co-Founders has taken charge for the position. Chris Payne became the CEO of Tinder in March 2015. The former eBay and Microsoft exec was brought to give his experienced management skills….

Google Dropping its Google+ Requirement on All Google Products

Google Dropping its Google+ Requirement on All Google Products

Google is dropping its Google+ requirement across all products and it is starting with YouTube. Your Google+ profile will no longer be your identity in Google products. This change will be rolled out in the coming months. Google’s Vice President of streams, photos, and sharing, Bradley Horowitz said that these changes occur because of a…

YouTube Videos Will No Longer Get Stuck at 301+ views

YouTube Videos Will No Longer Get Stuck at 301+ views

YouTube is saying goodbye to 301+ views and they will be saying hello to more up-to-date video views. YouTube videos will no longer be now getting stuck at 301+ views. It was experienced by most of the people who posted videos on YouTube, what happened is the video would show 301+ views to the everyone….

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