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Facebook Announces News Tools for Managing Communication on Pages

Facebook launches better tools for Page Management

  Facebook recently has introduced new tools for the communication of your Facebook page. Currently, there are over 50 million active business pages and a lot of them use their Page to communicate with their customers. Almost 2.5 comments are left on Pages every month. The new features will make it easier to manage both…

Facebook Updates Notes After a Long Wait

Facebook Notes Updated

Facebook Notes is a way to manage your bigger posts sharing with friends or everyone. In order to make them look more customizable and manageable, Facebook announced to update it to a better version which will makes notes look beautiful and customizable after a long wait. The new feature includes adding cover photo to your…

Fort Worth- Addition to Facebook Data Center Fleet

Fort Worth is the latest Facebook Data Center

Facebook announced that Fort Worth, Texas, will be the new home for their next data center. Along with the current Altoona, Prineville, Forest City and Lulea, this will be the latest addition to the data center fleet. Fort Worth will be an addition to the infrastructure that allow users to experience Facebook apps and services in a better way…

Facebook’s New Signup Ads- Happy News For The Marketers

Facebook Signup Ads

Many of the businesses want our email addresses but it gets quite annoying when such kinds of messages appear on our cell phone. With the help of the Facebook’s latest News Feed ads (or Signup Ads), you just have to make two-taps that will auto-fill your email address, your phone number and other info that has…

Attention For the Bloggers- Facebook Now Adds Author Tags

Facebook Author Tag

If you want to keep on growing your blogging audience then this is happy news for you that Facebook has now released a new “authorship” feature, it will be powered by the Author meta tag. It is similar to Google’s Authorship but that was shut down last year. Facebook Now adds author tags to support bloggers. With…

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